Spring Foraging Dates Announced

5 dates just announced for some spring fibre foraging…  it’s a part of our research actually. You see, I figured out by fluke years ago that Himalayan blackberry has a specific date for harvesting the bark for use in basketry- that is late July here in Vancouver. Harvesting during that time and then  attempting to process the inner bark into a spun fibre has shown some positive results, but the fibre is very scratchy!

I think if we try gathering and processing from late May through June we might just get a fibre we can then later ret and process similar to how we process flax. So that is the objective!

Spring Foraging:

Join Tracy and Sharon for locating, foraging and processing spring fibre plants. Wear closed toe shoes, bring leather garden gloves and clippers if you have them. We will be gathering and processing blackberry stocks for fibre research. Each day we will meet at our designated location and forage in the area for gathering local invasive plants. (tools/gloves provided) Trouble finding us? Call Sharon at 604-363-0220

Tuesdays 6-8.30pm

May 20  Strathcona Park Fieldhouse   857 Malkin Ave. near Hawks

June 3  Means of Production Garden   corner of E. 6th and St. Catherines

June 10  Strathcona Park Fieldhouse

June 17    Means of Production Garden

June 24   Trillium North Park  580 Malkin at Thornton meet at Thornton St sports field entrance.


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