Weaving and Dancing About to Begin

A diverse and balanced crew is coming together for our spring activities with shoe weaving and dancing at Trillium North Park.  As we begin to weave shoes from local materials, I anticipate the continuation of a conversation we have been having for the past year around connection to place through the gathering and harvesting of essential materials.

I have been asking myself: how can I connect to this place through the work I do on the land?  Or conversely, how am I not connected to this place by virtue of my daily life, work, and relationship to food, clothing and shelter?

Partly, the answers to these questions have come in the form of the work itself – as I watch Tracy and Sharon delve into an excited think-tank of materials and techniques, I witness the development and sharing of knowledge that must be put into action in order to move into the future.  They have been immersed in the doing and this is inspiring to me as a dancer.

There is a natural bridge (no pun intended!) between the work it takes to understand and employ local textiles and the ways in which our bodies become the site of our connection to the land.  As we begin to dance this connection, I imagine how we will express personal meanings through movement with sensorial and sculptural qualities.

And, as we will be working with shoes and the connections our feet make to the ground, we will look for rhythmic impulses to infuse our steps with a quality of intention.  Purposeful and playful at the same time, our steps will echo the process of textile discovery and refinement, as weave together our individual experiences through a common pulse.

At least, this is what I have in mind.   We will see where the group experience takes us … – Mirae

Woven Sandal Sample - by Sharon Kallis

Woven Sandal Sample – by Sharon Kallis


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