Hastings Bee Heroes

As the Hastings Urban  Farm Component of the project took shape and our collaboration with both the bees and  local community developed in our project research, finding a way of  highlighting some key community members seemed important to feature.

Out of this, The Hastings Bee Heroes was conceived.

The following posters have been  placed  on Hastings Street between Main and Abbott, along with hanging our Pollinator Zone Markers  in areas that promote and sustain pollinators in the area. The markers  were made by community  participants in local workshops including processing the linen we grew, dying, spinning, waxing and finally knitting the markers.Hastings Bee HeroesHastings Bee HeroesjmHastings Bee HeroesbgHastings Bee HeroesRHastings Bee HeroesscHastings Bee Heroes marker

Thank you to Community Arts Council Downtown Eastside Arts Foundation for the support to make this project possible.

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