Lead Artists

Sharon Kallis has lived and worked in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since 1999, and has based the majority of her community engaged environmental work in her own community. Recently Sharon organized and led the Urban Weaver Community Project; a partnership with Vancouver Park Board, Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) and First Nations weavers to look at how the invasive plant species in Stanley Park could be used as replacements for traditional weaving materials. That year-long project resulted in four “how to” videos being produced as well as establishing the Urban Weavers as a solid community in the Fieldhouse in Maclean Park. The dedicated group of weavers continue to participate in festivals and events across the city, host artists from other parts of the province for workshops and Sharon regularly fields questions from weavers and artists across the province on invasive plant use for creative purposes.

Mirae Rosner’s interest in making dance an accessible public experience has brought her practice into site-specific and stage-based works with emphasis on spirit of place, identity, and the role of the body in relation to the land. Mirae has apprenticed with Karen Jamieson since 2007, participating as a project assistant, workshop facilitator, and performer in community-based work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This collaboration is ever-growing as Mirae takes on the leadership of new community dance projects under the support of Karen Jamieson. Mirae has trained and performed in dance for all abilities as a workshop assistant and performer in mixed ability work with Helen Walkley. To Mirae, dance is a fundamentally social experience and she has brought a spirit of collaboration and accessibility to many of her independent choreographic and creative projects, often working collectively, and creating opportunities for exchange between artists and the public. These works have been developed and shown at many BC venues and festivals including 12 Minutes Max, Dancing on the Edge, BC Buds, The Hammock Residency, among others across Canada and internationally.

Tracy Williams (Sesemiya) is a fifth generation cedar weaver and member of the Squamish Nation. Tracy has had many teachers and is invested in sharing her knowledge with youth to continue the foraging and hand technology traditions of her culture. Tracy has worked for 10 years with the Squamish Education Centre as a Secondary School councilor, and has developed numerous programs for connecting Squamish youth to traditional hand technologies and traditional living off the land programs including week long survival camps. Tracy was a participating artist in the Witness project ( 2000-2006) teaching Cedar weaving in the Elaho Valley to project participants. Tracy has worked teaching youth the traditions and protocol with traditional regalia and was recognized in 2006 as an Outstanding Supporter of Youth by the city of North Vancouver in recognition and appreciation of her work with Aboriginal Youth in the North Shore community.


Special Guest Artists 

Joining us in the spring of 2015, these artists will contribute song and music as we develop a performance specific to Trillium North Park.  Rebecca Campbell’s song will be a contribution to the project as a whole, and an ongoing, lived legacy as we sing the song during future work sessions.

Rebecca Duncan is a Squamish Language Teacher/Translation Specialist. She is from the Squamish and Musqueam Nations of the Coast Salish Peoples. Rebecca has devoted her life to preserve the Squamish Language along with the Cultural teachings that have been handed down to her from her late Grandfather and his grandfather and so on and so on since the beginning of time. Rebecca has traveled around the world promoting Language and Culture, representing Coast Salish people and practicing protocols with Song and Dance and sharing history with storytelling and legends. No matter where you are from, it is so important to know your history, your ties to the land, and your culture. Our history is your history!!!

Born in Calgary, Dan Gaucher has quickly made a career for himself as a professional drummer performing with various internationally renowned jazz, rock, folk and experimental groups and performing alongside the likes of Dave Douglas, Francois Houle, Brad Turner, Ingrid Jensen, Mike Murley, Mats Gustafsson and Fredrik Ljungkvist. Dan has toured extensively and has played at more than 25 major festivals nationally and internationally in locals such as Toronto, Victoriaville, Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Dan leads his own group, Stop Time, as well as two projects dedicated to the music of Sun Ra, The Star System (9 piece) and Tiny pyramids (trio), and performs in some of Canada’s top creative ensembles such as the October Trio and Fond of Tigers (2011 Juno award winners). Dan has recently returned to Vancouver from Toronto, where he completed his Masters Degree at the University of Toronto.



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