The Plants

Our focus is on discovering new uses for  invasive plants or city green waste that have bast fibre potential as well as reconnecting with traditional First Nation and settler cloth  techniques from processing known fibre plants.

Plants of interest include:

Fireweed (fluff and stock, traditionally used)

Stinging Nettle (traditionally used)

Bullrush Heads (traditionally used)

Himalayan Blackberry (invasive foraging)

Purple Loose Strife (invasive foraging)

Milkweed (planted crop)

Flax (planted crop)

New Zealand Flax  (ornamental bedding plant green waste)

Experiments in blending fibres in various combinations, identifying the harvest window and best processing methods for each plant  will be a part of this ongoing research.

2 thoughts on “The Plants

    • good question! actually it isn’t… having done two sessions of fibre research with broom, one in May and one in August ( different times of year to check seasonal fibre quality) I feel I pretty much know what I can expect to get from the broom- yes, there is fibre. But it is very hard work to access -though fun for novelty factor- but the quality of the fibre produced is very low for the energy it requires to glean it. I think this season’s energy is better put to use organizing research around the blackberry and purple loose strife for spin-able fibre. I think both of these plants have baste fibre qualities if we can get the season right. I do however plan on making some drop spindles and crochet hooks with the wood from the Scotchbroom for processing the other invasives! thanks for reading and thanks for asking!
      If you are reading this and are unfamiliar with broom and past research, here is a link to the video

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